The House

The property includes a big lawn, which is ideal for playing, sports and sun-bathing as it is well screened from both neighbors and traffic, as well as a furnished outdoor sitting area complete with BBQ and electric sunstores.

There are two rental options:
the family apartment (5 sleeps) in front part of the house on its own (without the smaller apartment in the rear part of the house).
Booking: Klick on “Quick Access” / Online-booking family apartment (5 sleeps)
entire house (9 sleeps): the family apartment plus the smaller apartment together.
Booking: Booking: Klick on “Quick Access” / Online-booking entire house (9 sleeps)

The family apartment and the smaller apartment are connected with a door on the first floor.
But both have a separate entrance.
The family apartment builds the front part of the house (5 sleeps).
The smaller apartment (+ 4 sleeps) is located in rear part of the house and is ideal for a family with children. It can be rented only as extension of the family apartment (entire house).
Attention! In the the smaller apartment are steep stairs from the bedroom to the livingroom unsiutable for infants!